Blogs on #DossierCorona and transregional research on TRAFO

23 August, 2020

Religious Matters is collaborating with TRAFO, a platform for questions, blog publications and institutional updates on transregional research. Recent blogs have focused on the effects and implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in, for instance, Brazil and the Middle East. TRAFO is curated by the Forum Transregionale Studien, the Max Weber Stiftung – Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland and CrossArea – Verband für Transregionale Studien, Vergleichende Area Studies und Global Studies.

TRAFO recently introduced the thread #religiousmatters, referring to Religious Matters in an Entangled World and our Dossier Corona. Researchers are encouraged to send in blog posts between 700 and around 1500 words, which can then be published on both this website and the TRAFO platform.

In our next blog, we will repost Andrea Dip’s article from August 13th, entitled ”Brazil and Coronavirus: How Denialism, Religious Fundamentalism and Nectropolitics has Disproportionately Affected Women”.

Source of the thumbnail image: ”Coronavirus and the Middle East’s ongoing state of emergency”, by Abdalhadi Alija.