This privacy page serves to inform visitors of the ‘Religious Matters’-website about the registration of their personal data. Our privacy statement is conform the guidelines of the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming).

1. Validity of our privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to the ‘Religious Matters’-website (link) in its entirety. You agree with our statement by visiting and using our website.

2. Collection of data

2.1 Nature of the data

Which data we collect, depends on your surfing behavior on our website. We use cookies (see point 5) and Google Analytics (see point 6) to track the general surfing behavior of our visitors. We do not collect your personal contact information, unless you contact us via our contact page. This website does not contain sections that require you to share your personal contact information in order to proceed.

2.2 Aims

We may use your data to:

-> Consult our statistics and track the amount of visits per post or page;
-> Improve the content of our website by means of the surfing behavior of our visitors.

3. Rights

On the Basis of the AVG, you have the right to:

-> Request an overview of your personal surfing data, as processed by Google Analytics (see point 6);
-> Request the removal of specific data sets.

Please use our contact page (link) in case you want to use one or more of these rights. We intend to respond to your request within four weeks.

We can only remove specific data sets if this is still in accordance with our legal obligations.

4. Procession and protection of your data

We intend to handle all your data with care. We emphasize that we will never provide your data to third parties without your permission, only if we are legally obliged to do so.

We use a safe, protected internet connection to run this website. See our colophon (link) for more information about the creation and hosting of Religious Matters.

5. Cookies

This website uses cookies to improve your surfing behavior.

We discern the following types of cookies:

Functional cookies :  these cookies are meant to let the website function on your device in the best possible manner. You are able to block functional cookies via your browser, but this may affect the functioning of the website.

Tracking cookies for Facebook: these cookies come into play once you click the Facebook button on our homepage and visit our Religious Matters Facebook-page. Facebook functions in accordance with its own privacy policy. Religious Matters does not affect the procession of your data via Facebook.

Analytical cookies for Google Analytics: these cookies process your general surfing data via Google Analytics. This allows us to see via which source (e.g. Facebook, Google) you visit our website, which pages you visit, and the duration of these visits.

6. Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to track general surfing data of our visitors. Google Analytics functions in accordance with the general privacy statement of Google (link). Religious Matters cannot affect the procession of your data via Google.

7. Hyperlinks

This website contains many hyperlinks to other websites. Religious Matters is not responsible for the procession of your data on these external websites. We use hyperlinks to refer to websites that are related to Religious Matters in their shared content and/or to websites that inform our actions and policies. If you click one of the YouTube videos embedded in our ‘video’s’-section, you accept the policy and privacy regulations of YouTube.