Honorary doctorate for Professor Alcinda Honwana at the start of the academic year

7 September, 2021

At the occasion of the opening of the academic year at Utrecht University, Professor Alcinda Honwana received a Honorary Doctorate, with Birgit Meyer as the “honorary supervisor”. Honwana is lauded for her amazing work on spirit possession, child soldiers and youth in Africa and beyond. The notion of waithood developed by her in relation to African youth is pertinent also with regard to the world in these precarious times.

This is how she introduces her work:

Click here for the additional text on the UU-website, which also includes introductions to the other two scholars who received an honorary doctorate.

Here is the livestream covering the opening ceremony of the academic year, which took place on 6 September 2021. From minute 28 onwards you can follow the award ceremony:


Click here to read Meyer’s laudation for Alcinda Honwana, and here to read the response and word of thanks.

Congrats to Professor Honwana!