NGG Conference on ”Religion and Heritage: Futures for Religious Pasts”

23 February, 2021

The annual NGG conference, co-organised this year by the Meertens Institute and the UvA (University of Amsterdam), will take place in Amsterdam from 3-5 November, 2021.

This NGG conference invites reflection on the intertwinements of religion and heritage. The conference explores a number of pressing issues, inquiring what futures may lie ahead for the religious pasts that emerge, for instance, in the contexts of ongoing de-churching in Europe,
or past and present Christian mission activities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific. What happens when religion is reframed as heritage? The conference aims to engage a variety of actors, including scholars, religious communities, heritage professionals, institutions and
policy-makers as to allow for discussions along a variety of registers, e.g. political, religious, cultural, historical.

An extensive overview of the call for papers and panels can be found in the flyer below.
! Important modification: the deadline that is mentioned in the flyer is 15 May. This deadline has been prolonged and the date is now 15 June.