Reviews Birgit Meyer’s ‘Sensational Movies’

4 August, 2017

Birgit Meyer’s book Sensational Movies. Video, Vision and Christianity in Ghana (University of California Press, 2015) traces the rise and development of the Ghanaian video-film industry between 1985 and 2010.

It approaches video movies as seismographic devices that register a world in turmoil. As a new haptic medium of and for the imagination, video offers deep insight in current politics and aesthetics of religious world-making.

Analyzed as powerful sensational forms, movies are shown to collide with the regime of visibility that underpinned state-governed representations of culture. Exploring the format of “film as revelation,”

Meyer unpacks the affinity between cinematic and popular Christian modes of looking and showcases the transgressive potential haunting figurations of the occult.

The book has been reviewed in many venues:

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