Current debates – Refugees and Religion: Ethnographic Studies of Global Trajectories

10 October, 2023

Our volume Refugees and Religion: Ethnographic Studies of Global Trajectories was published in the spring of 2021 (Bloomsbury), in the midst of the Covid-pandemic. The volume places the so-called European Refugee Crisis of 2015/16 in a long-term perspective on Europe’s – and especially Germany’s – migration history and draws a comparison with the accommodation of refugees from Vietnam during the Cold War. In so doing, it works against ignorance and amnesia, pointing out that the “production” and accommodation of refugees has been a central aspect of European history in the aftermath of the Peace of Westphalia. Religion plays a central role in all facets of these processes. As the debates about the accommodation of refugees are reaching new heights at the current moment, fueled by populist positions that contest asylum seekers’ legal rights, we want to call attention to our volume once again.

In the meantime, it has also appeared in paperback. And here you can find the open access version.

This is how we announced the volume in 2021:

Birgit Meyer & Peter van der Veer