Material Approaches to Religion meet New Materialism: new texts in ‘Material Religion’

25 November, 2019

Just Published! 

The section In Conversation Material Religion 15 (5) hosts a set of short essays under the title “Material Approaches to Religion” Meet “New Materialism”: Resonances and Dissonances. With contributions by Birgit Meyer, Peter Bräunlein, Pooyan Tamimi Arab, Marian Burchardt and Sonia Hazard. 

Here you can read the versions as they were sent to the publisher:

Birgit Meyer (online)

Peter Bräunlein (online)

Pooyan Tamimi Arab (online)

Marian Burchardt (online)

Sonia Hazard (online)

The first hyperlink grants you direct access to the pdf’s of the texts. The second link leads you to the online DOI-page.