Open Access publication ”Taking Offense” (2018)

26 September, 2019

Taking Offense: Religion, Art and Visual Culture in Plural Configurations has just been published in Open Access. The book was edited by Christiane Kruse, Birgit Meyer and Anne-Marie Korte (initial publication: February 2018).

Click here to read and/or download (parts of) the book.

Book description

What makes an image offensive? — This question is addressed in this volume. It explores tensions and debates about offensive images and performative practices in various settings in and beyond Europe. 

Its basic premise is that a deeper understanding of what is at stake in these tensions and debates calls for a multidisciplinary conversation. The authors focus on images that appear to trigger strongly negative reactions; images that are perceived as insulting or offensive; those subject to taboos and restrictions; or those that are condemned as blasphemous. In light of recurrent acts of violence leveled against images and symbols in the contemporary, globally entangled world, addressing instances of “icono-clash” (Bruno Latour) from a new post-secular, global perspective has become a matter of urgency.