Religion, Secularization, Heritage: an Interview with Marian Burchardt

19 December, 2021

Birgit Meyer has interviewed professor dr. Marian Burchardt (Leipzig University) about his academic trajectory, ideas and plans. Past November, dr. Burchardt was a visiting lecturer at the bi-annual conference of the NGG (the Dutch Religious Studies Association), where he gave a masterclass for NOSTER and a keynote on religion as heritage. Professor Burchardt’s book Regulating Difference: Religious Diversity and Nationhood in the Secular West (Rutgers University Press, 2020; see the thumbnail image of this post) recently received the Best Book Award from the International Society for the Study of Religion.

Click here to read the interview, which was published on the website of NOSTER.

Prof. Burchardt (photo via NOSTER)