New Special Issue “Heritage out of Control”

1 February, 2022

Allegra lab, Anthropology for Radical Optimism, just published the thematic thread Heritage out of Control. This online special issue is based on a conference with the same title held in May (see here) and has been edited by Çiçek Ilengiz, Serawit B. Debele and Annika Kirbis

This is how the thread is introduced:

“Focusing on absences, affective dissonances and silent consensuses, this thematic thread emerged out of four overlapping questions about heritage: Under what circumstances does waste become heritage, and heritage becomes waste? How does the intimate relationship between spirits and energies operate in relation to the abstract public that heritage presupposes? Can spirits, rituals, energies be imagined as heritage?”

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For the essay contributed by Birgit Meyer click here.

Thumbnail image: Detail of Spijkermadonna by Jacques Frenken