The Weather Matters hub

28 November, 2020

The Weather Matters hub is a space for conversation among scholars of climate change, spanning the broad field of environmental humanities, for clarifying the terms of the debate and liaising across disciplinary and institutional boundaries. Originally emerging out of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change conference at the British Museum in May 2016, Weather Matters is an independently edited forum welcoming creative and scholarly perspectives, book reviews, articles, ethnographic field notes, photo essays, films, podcasts, movies, calls for papers, and conference reviews.

We devote our winter series to the apocalypse & counter-apocalypse in relation to weather, climate and nature and how this is lived culturally and scientifically in the past & present and imagined, desired and predicted for the future. We invite perspectives from a wide variety of disciplines (spanning the arts to the natural and social sciences, including paleontology, philosophy, climate science, (environmental) history, STS, anthropology, religious studies, theology etc.) that reflect on, measure, depict or imagine dystopian worlds, end of time tales, environmental crises, as well as contributions that contemplate new (or old) beginnings and brighter, more compassionate futures.


In the late summer of 2020, (social) media outlets all over the world
showed images of the California skies (photo: San Francisco),
which had turned orange due to the forest fires.
Photo retrieved via Newsweek (Copyright Getty/Brittany Hosea-Small).