What is Religion in Africa? New open access-article by Birgit Meyer

12 August, 2021

Brill has just published an open access-version of the article “What is Religion in Africa? Relational Dynamics in an Entangled World”, which was written by Birgit Meyer. The article is part of Volume 50 of the Journal of Religion in Africa. Click here to download the open access-version.


Addressing the implications of the introduction of the concept of religion to Africa in the colonial era, this essay approaches religion from a relational angle that takes into account the connections between Africa and Europe. Much can be learned about the complexity and power dynamics of these connections by studying religion not simply in but also from Africa. Referring to historical and current materials from my research in Ghana by way of example, my concern is to show how a focus on religion can serve as a productive entry point into the longstanding relational dynamics through which Africa and Europe are entangled. This is a necessary step in decolonizing scholarly knowledge production about religion in Africa, and in religious studies at large.