Open Access chapter: Recycling the Christian past of the Netherlands

4 December, 2019

The volume Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights, edited by Rosemarie Buikema, Antoine Buys and Ton Robben, assembled research conducted in the focus area of the same title. For more information, click here. The volume is open access. Chapter 4, titled “Recycling the Christian Past. The Heritagization of Christianity and National Identity in the Netherlands”, shows how an why a material approach of abandoned religious buildings is a fruitful entry point to grasp the reconfiguration of Christianity as culture heritage in the Netherlands, and possibly beyond. My article is inspired by work of other members of the Religious Matters team, including Daan BeekersElza KuykPooyan Tamimi Arab and our research master student Jerrold Cuperus.The images in the open access version are in black and white. Here you can see the images in full colour.

Birgit Meyer

4.1 Crosses. photo by Jojada Verrips. P.66.

4.2 Crucifix at van Dijk & Ko, Amsterdam. Photo by Jojada Verrips. P.67.

4.3 Jesus with tropical helmet & typewriter. Van Dijk & Ko, Amsterdam. Photo by Jojada Verrips. P.73.

4.4 Pieta. Van Dijk & Ko, Amsterdam. Photo by Jojada Verrips. P.74.

4.5 Spijkermadonna- 1 (1967). By Jacques Frenken. P.77.

4.6 Jan Tregot. De Laatste Dagen, 2016/2017. Arduin, plaster, maple wood, jatoba wood, stainless steel, leather, oil paint. 90.5x88x60 cm. Painted by Erik van de Beek. Photo by Anton Houtappels. P.80.